Report on the 2014 Pocantico Convening

A convening in October of 2014 at Pocantico, Rockefeller Brother’s retreat center in New York, brought together 22 people to further conceptualize Rawa’s development, following initial consultations and research. This meeting received support from Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The Open Society Foundations, Middle East Children's Alliance and the Global Fund for Community Foundations.

Feasibility Report

This feasibility scan was commissioned by Rawa and produced by Nancy Smith to assess the general financial viability of the Fund and inform the early decision-making process in the Fund’s development stage. The scan was based on desk research as well as comprehensive interviews with 24 philanthropy and program experts from North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Report on the 2015 Community Consultations

In 2015, Rawa representatives held dozens of community consultations on the ground with Palestinian community leaders, aiming to refine the support model mechanism and parameters of the fund.