Join the movement building resilient Palestinian grassroots communities! #SupportThe26

Join 26 grassroots community members from across Palestine as they inspire community engagement, collaboration, and creative uses of local resources to grow a sustainable, united, and resilient grassroots movement.

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What is Rawa Fund?


Who Are You Joining When You #SupportThe26?

You'll join hundreds of grassroots organizers, civil society leaders, and philanthropy professionals who have contributed their time, experience, and knowledge to developing Rawa’s innovative, community-led model for grassroots community development and truly equitable philanthropy.

We are building a wide and diverse circle of support, and have already raised half of a million dollars during the development phase, including critical support from: Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Global Fund for Community Foundations, Golden Rule Foundation, Ford Foundation, Middle East Children’s Alliance (our fiscal sponsor in the US), the Network of European Foundations (our secondary fiscal sponsor in Europe), and a growing base of individual supporters.

What Supporters Are Saying

"A breath of fresh air in an eco-system of rushed donors and mechanical outputs...a powerhouse approach to returning dignity back into community philanthropy." 

Sam Bahour, Palestinian-American entrepreneur

"Rawa understands that people deserve agency, which includes meaningful voice in decisions that affect them. Rawa’s leadership is grounded in a blend of philanthropic know-how and community. Its participatory structure represents a thoughtful approach to grantmaking practice and has exciting potential to shift outcomes." 

-Jen Bokoff, Director of Stakeholder Engagement at Foundation Center

"[I support Rawa] because of the commitment to communities."

-Ariadne Papagapitos, Co-founder and Director, New Markets, for Localized

How You Can Join:

STAY POSTED      |     Follow the 26, share our stories, and join the conversation. Join our mailing list. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Amplify the voices of support for Palestinian communities—re-post, comment, and share on social media. Build the movement faster by sharing this #SupportThe26 campaign with 26 friends over email and/or social media.

CONTRIBUTE     |     Your donation—we’ve highlighted $26, $260, or $2,600 for #SupportThe26—supports the first round of grants in spring 2019. Rawa friends and family are already working to raise support for the first grants, join them as they work to raise the remaining funds! Donate now via our US fiscal sponsor (Middle East Children’s Alliance; US tax deductible) or contact [email protected] for additional options.

JOIN THE RAWA FAMILY     |     Rawa Fund is built on the value of social capital and connection between people. We would love to hear how you want to take a more active role. Some possibilities:

  • Organize a fundraiser in your community or amongst your network—can you help us raise $2,600, $26,000, or more? Let’s talk.
  • Introduce us to people we should know—to collaborate, share resources, build alliances, ask about funding opportunities, brainstorm a global grassroots revolution, etc. Contact us.
  • Volunteer or inquire about joining our team, because you have expertise or knowledge you are willing to share with our community. Get in touch.